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Arts & Culture Hall of Fame

Visit Central Florida logoThe Polk Arts & Culture Hall of Fame Award is given annually to Polk County individuals who have significantly contributed to the arts and cultural community in Polk County, or enhanced Florida’s national or international reputation as a county with a strong and sustained commitment toward the development of cultural excellence.

The Polk County Arts & Culture Hall of Fame is to be a continual, sustained recognition of the cultural arts and heritage contributors of the past, present and future, recognizing the outstanding talent and benefactors from Polk County who have made a significant impact on the arts in our County generating interest in Polk County artists and enhancing our marketing efforts to promote the County as a destination for the arts. The Hall of Fame will increase awareness of the vast and diverse contributors to our Cultural Arts in Education, Quality of Life, Heritage and Philanthropy.

The Polk County Arts & Culture Hall of Fame Exhibit is located on the second floor of the Polk County History Center within the Art & Culture Exhibit. The exhibit gives recognition to Polk’s arts & cultural organizations, and to individuals who have raised awareness of or made significant contributions that have enriched Polk’s arts and cultural community.

Click on the images or names below to learn more about each Polk Arts & Culture Hall of Famer.

Meri Mass at Explorations V Curious George Ribbon Cutting
Meri Mass (2021)
Photo of Paul Hughes
Paul Hughes (2019)
John R. DeYoung, Jr. (2018)
Beth Mason (2017)
Robert MacDonald
Robert MacDonald (2016)
Norman Small
Norman Small (2015)
Richard Powers (2014)
Richard Powers (2014)