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Polk Arts Alliance is the designated Local Arts Agency for Polk County, Florida.  As such, PAA advocates for all the Cultural Arts Organizations in Polk County and promotes the impact of the Cultural Arts Sector as integral to the quality-of-life in our county.

Polk Arts Alliance actively represents Polk County’s arts and cultural interests to agencies, governments, chambers of commerce and the business community on a national, state and local level.

Polk Arts Alliance markets Polk County as a “Destination for the Arts.”

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  1. Richard Quinn Richard Quinn February 3, 2018

    Greetings! Attended the Festival, last night. I’m not sure that “WOW!,” does it! Before going into the education field, and becoming an elementary teacher, and principal, I passed myself off as a musician. I was a paid musician. Played trumpet in a Fort Dix, Army band; later, played sax and clarinet professionally for quite a few years. Point is… I MAY have played as well as SOME of the sixth-graders, I listened to, last night. I never came close to playing as well as your 8th-grade, or above, students. AND I made a pretty good living. Your students are just wonderful! Very “professional!” Of course, that reflects on the professionalism and dedication of your teachers! Fantastic job, to ALL!!! – R. Quinn

    • Bev Hendricks Bev Hendricks Post author | February 5, 2018

      That’s wonderful. Thanks so much for your comment. I have forwarded your comment along to the Polk County Schools Fine Arts Coordinator. I’m sure that she will be thrilled with your response.

  2. Hope Hope March 5, 2019

    I just moved to Dundee Fl and would love to join a chorus group.
    Could you help please.

    • Bev Hendricks Bev Hendricks Post author | March 7, 2019

      I believe the Lake Wales Chorale meets once on Mondays from 7-8:30pm. You can call the Lake Wales Arts Center at 863-676-8426 to learn more.

  3. Sherry Tromotola Sherry Tromotola June 23, 2019

    Hello, I’m the Entertainment Committee for a small community here in Lakeland. We are not a resort ,nor Schalamar. However, were looking for a few things for our community for entertainment. Someone up an coming, looking for a start, maybe to practice on.
    Looking for : a Magician, a Comedian-(ckean, improv type), gospel choir, pianist, celtic dancers, actirs to put on a murder mystery during a dinner, etc.
    We cannit afford much, however, I am getting a couple other parks to join us.
    Please, feel free to contact me, if you know of someone at 847-867-4351
    Thank you,

    • Bev Hendricks Bev Hendricks Post author | August 18, 2019

      I’m sorry, but other than the few artists and musicians (1) that we have on the Artist Registry, I just don’t know individuals who do things like this. I know there are people who make a living or supplement their regular job doing things like this, I just don’t have their contact information. I would suggest that you may want to start by looking within your own community for people who may do some of these things.

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