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Nonprofit Arts/Government Membership

Nonprofit arts, cultural and heritage-related organizations and government entities who meet the criteria below are eligible to serve on the Cultural Arts Council. The Cultural Arts Council is the standing arts and cultural industry advisory group to the designated Local Arts Agency – The Polk Arts Alliance (PAA) and the PAA Board of Directors, and shall provide counsel and assistance to the Polk Arts Alliance as needs dictate. Annual membership dues, located at the bottom of this page, are based on the budget size of the cultural arts organization/government entity.

To be eligible to apply, an applicant organization must:

  • be a member in good standing of the Polk Arts Alliance; AND
  • be a not-for-profit, tax-exempt Florida corporation as a result of being:
    1. incorporated or authorized as a not-for-profit corporation, in good standing, pursuant to Chapter 617, Florida Statutes; AND
    2. designated as a tax-exempt organization as defined in section 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, as amended; OR
  • be a public entity governed by a county, municipality, school district, community college, college, university, or an agency of state government; AND
  • be organized on a permanent basis for cultural and artistic purposes as identified under the following eligibility requirements:
    1. as defined by the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) for arts, cultural and humanities organizations; OR
    2. public arts councils and public presenting facilities or institutions, OR
    3. community organizations (e.g., a community theatre); OR
    4. embedded organizations that have their own budget (e.g., a church-based arts program, galleries and arts series within colleges, etc.); AND
  • has been providing regularly scheduled and publicly promoted artistic and cultural programming for at least three years at the time of application; AND
  • has at least one paid or unpaid director whose primary responsibility is the direction and management of the organization.

Organizations must provide a mission statement and date of adoption; list of current governing board members and affiliations, proof of Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), IRS Determination Letter of nonprofit status (if applicable).  We reserve the right to request a copy of your State of Florida Corporate Annual Report and IRS Form 990.

For your information: Refer to the appended NTEE Classification System codes listed under “A. Arts, Culture, and Humanities” to identify your organization’s member category.

NTEE Classification System Codes for Arts, Culture and Humanities

A01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
A02 Management & Technical Assistance
A03 Professional Societies & Associations
A05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis
A11 Single Organization Support
A12 Fundraising and/or Fund Distribution
A19 Non monetary Support N.E.C. (Not Elsewhere Classified)
A20 Arts, Cultural Organizations – Multipurpose
A23 Cultural/Ethnic Awareness
A25 Arts Education/Schools
A26 Arts Council/Agency
A30 Media, Communications Organizations
A31 Film, Video
A32 Television
A33 Printing/Publishing
A34 Radio
A40 Visual Arts Organizations
A50 Museums & Museum Activities
A51 Art Museums
A52 Children’s Museums
A54 History Museums
A56 Natural History, Natural Science Museums
A57 Science & Technology Museum
A60 Performing Arts
A61 Performing Arts Centers
A62 Dance
A63 Ballet
A65 Theatre
A68 Music
A69 Symphony Orchestras
A6A Opera
A6B Singing Choral
A6C Music Groups, Bands, Ensembles
A6E Performing Arts Schools
A70 Humanities Organizations
A80 Historical Societies and Related Activities
A84 Commemorative Events
A90 Arts Service Activities/Organizations
A99 Other Art, Culture, Humanities Organizations/Services N.E.C. (Not Elsewhere Classified)

Cultural Arts Council (Cultural Arts Org/Government) Annual Membership Dues

Dues  Budget Size (Expenses)
$  50 – Nonprofit with expenses under $50,000
$  75 – Nonprofit with expenses from $50,000-$99,999
$100 – Nonprofit with expenses from $100,000-$199,999
$125 – Nonprofit with expenses from $200,000-$299,999
$150 – Nonprofit with expenses from $300,000-$399,999
$175 – Nonprofit with expenses from $400,000-$499,999
$200 – Nonprofit with expenditures over $500,000 and all municipalities/government

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