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A Florida Southern Collage (Fall 2020)

Great news! Florida Southern College has finished final edits on a big Fall 2020 music department project.

The product is one that showcases the wonderful work of all the ensembles in various settings of which we should be proud to share with all of our friends, family and community.

Watch on YouTube –

0:00 Welcome
0:45 Cherry Blossom Brilliance – Symphony Band
7:30 String Serenade – Orchestra
11:30 Carmen Suite No. 1 (Excerpts) – Orchestra
20:35 Ruddigore (“Oh, Why Am I Moody and Sad?) – Opera & Orchestra
23:05 Musick’s Empire – Chamber Singers
26:30 In You I Found – Concert Choir
30:19 Canto del Agua – Concert Choir
33:25 If Music Be The Food of Love – Chamber Singers
37:35 Dear John, Dear John (Punctuated by Love?) – Concert Choir
39:45 For the Fallen – Concert Choir
42:05 My Shepherd Will Supply My Need – Concert Choir
46:50 Go Down Moses – Chamber Singers
51:25 Sing a Song of Song – Chamber Jazz
55:20 Groove Merchant (Trumpets) – Jazz
57:20 The Peanut Vendor (El Manisero) – Jazz
58:15 Groove Merchant (Saxophones) – Jazz
1:00:10 One Note Samba – Jazz
1:03:00Red Baron – Chamber Jazz
1:08:00 Corcovado – Orchestra & Chamber Jazz
1:12:50 Recorda-Me – Orchestra & Chamber Jazz
1:21:25 Credits
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Learn more about our Music Department at:…
Due to the challenges we are all facing with the ongoing pandemic, preparing and presenting this semester’s performances has been a very different experience. Student musicians, singers, professors, directors and production technicians faced numerous obstacles while wearing masks, adhering to distancing guidelines, and utilizing new technologies, yet feel great joy returning to class and to the stage and offering this presentation to you. Given these unusual circumstances, we are grateful to have this opportunity to collaborate, and to create and share art with our valued friends, family and community supporters. We look forward to seeing you on campus again!

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