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Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 Report (AEP5)

The Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 Study was conducted by Americans for the Arts in collaboration and partnership with the Polk Arts Alliance and the Cultural Arts Council of Polk County in 2016.

Click the link to view/download the 2-page summary (pdf):
2-page infographic

View/download the complete report (pdf) by clicking the link: FL_PolkCounty_AEP5_CustomizedReport.

View a 2-page summary infographic of the report is below.


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  1. Kelsey Jaffer Kelsey Jaffer November 9, 2021

    I recently attended the Polk County Delegation meeting where a representative from Polk Arts Alliance shared with the legislators current arts & culture impact information. Is it possible to have access to these resources so we can share in our efforts of advocating for the Arts?

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