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Call to Artists or Wanna Be Artists

ArtAppCall to Artists or Wannabe Artists
Submissions through 6/30/15
Let technology help you become an instant artist with your phone editing apps. Just use what is loaded on your phone or download free apps from Apple or Droid platforms and the fun begins.

We are looking for your AppArt created via photos that YOU have taken then edited on your phone, Presto Bingo, then send them to us and they could be featured in Main Street Bartow, Inc.’s POP-UP ART BUILDING TOUR.

Do not use any pic that may be copyrighted, you will be signing a release for use if selected stating that you did not violate or use anyone elses picture.

The submissions will end June 30th, 2015. The selections will be made and the Pop-Up Building Art Tour will be August,
21st with a reception and walking tour during our Friday Fest Festivities. Please send your submissions via email to

Main Street Bartow’s is taking an innovative approach to creating attention to vacant buildings and spaces in the Main Street area. We will be joining in the current trending craze of Pop-Up Art Galleries with a slight twist. Instead of staging the art in one location for the art work to be viewed, we have put the art work in the windows of the vacant buildings or spaces as a means to draw attention to the space. Along with the “Art” is a fact sheet regarding the specs of the building or space, as well as some suggested ideas, and potential possibilities that could fill the space. These will easily be viewed by pedestrian and drive-by traffic. The artwork will freshen up the space and draw attention where it was previously overlooked. Now how cool is that? Get started making some AppArt today!

For more information, please call 863.512.0508.

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