Photo Submissions


Please provide a caption or some sort of title with all of your photo submissions. When possible, give the names of the people in your photo from left-to-right. If it’s a cast photo, ensemble, entourage, chorus, etc, you could say “Cast of Thousands” or “Name of Ensemble” rather than every name. Please provide photo credit when needed or requested by the photographer.

It is better to submit a high quality full page or half page photo with a sentence or two about your upcoming event or exhibit, then it is to have 350 words accompanied by a small poor quality photo. More photo, less words.

Front Cover Photos
Submissions should be high quality images that represent events or exhibitions that will take place during the issue dates of the magazine.These images should be at least 2625 pixels (8.75 inches wide at 300dpi) regardless of orientation (landscape or portrait). That dimension includes a bleed for cropping. Height is not as important, but must be taken into consideration. The minimum size for a full size front cover (vertical), requires a height of at least 3375 pixels (11.25 inches at 300dpi), along with a width of at least 2625 pixels (8.75 inches wide at 300dpi). Not all that meet the minimum make a good front cover, but at least it gives you a chance.

The live area of the front cover is 8.5” wide x 11” high (2550 pixels x 3300 pixels), but we need the extra image around the edges to allow bleeds for cropping, so please make sure the image is at lease 2625 pixels x 3375 pixels. It is often helpful to have more background then the actual image (person, group, artwork, building) that you are trying to show.

Often the best front covers are vertical, but we use horizontal shots on the front cover as well. Sometimes, if the photo is large enough, we can use a portion of a horizontal photo as a vertical photo on the cover. We have also used a panoramic photo to wrap the front and back covers. Having a couple cover options is important.

Feature or Calendar Photos
Submissions for your feature stories or articles, or the event calendar can vary greatly in size and dimensions. They be portrait or landscape orientation. It’s good to keep the cover image dimensions in mind. A full page vertical would be (2625 pixels x 3375 pixels), but the images don’t need to be that large. Minimum for your images for use in stories or in the event calendar is probably about 1200 pixels x 1800 pixels (4 x 6 inches), because a single column on a two-column page (think event calendar) in our magazine is usually 3.5625 inches wide. The Ledger always told me in the past to make sure our images were at least 5 x 7 inches (1500 x 2100 pixels).

The majority of the images, probably 80%, I receive for all purposes are completely unusable. Most photos submitted would be about 2” wide x 1” high (600 pixels x 300 pixels) in print. They may look great on your screen, or printed on your office printer, but will appear pixelated in the magazine. That means pickings are slim when we are looking for photos for the magazine.


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