An Afternoon Melody

Faculty-selected music majors perform individual and chamber works in the entryway to the beloved Polk Museum of Art. FREE!

String Chamber Concert

SEU Orchestra

Our string scholars tune up to present an exquisite array of melodic works. General: $5 Students: $3

Voices of the People: Tearin’ the Roof Off

Chamber Music Concert on Jan 16, 7pm. Shawn Edmonds, trumpet; Marty Morell, drums; Derek Menchan, bass; and John O’Leary, piano.

Voices of the People: Seismic Phenomena

2:30pm, Sun, Oct 27 at Polk State College, WH Fine Arts Lobby. Mezzo soprano Luisamaria Hernandez; Pianist Carl Cranmer; and friends. Chamber Music Series

String Orchestra Concert

Our string orchestra concert features our illustrious stringed scholars performing works of harmonic and melodic genius. General: $5 Students: $3

Cello Two Point, Oh!

A performance of Voices of the People Chamber Music Series featuring Cremaine Booker, Mikel Thomas, Mathew Davis, Michael Amos, Evedvaldo Muaa, cello; Jason Bontrager, Keyboard, and Derek Menchan, cello and bass.

Polk Arts Alliance

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